More Engagement Will Become A Reality

The demand for content has grown exponentially in recent years. People are consuming social media content faster than ever before. No doubt that there is room for everyone to grow in that industry. However, it’s unfortunate that most of the social media platforms don’t support upcoming influencers such as you and me.

We work hard, brainstorm, write content, record, edit and upload the content to the social media platforms. After that, we are shocked as it has not gained any reach. It’s unfair, frustrating and disloyal behaviour from the social media platforms.

Providing at least a couple of hundreds views on a content that took a lot of creative thought to be created is the bare minimum. Meanwhile, these social media platforms extract our contact list, sell out data to third-party companies and in return give us no views or engagement. How dare they take our social influence for granted? We have to find a way to stop that. We deserve respect!

The SG community is a group of people who believe in each other and the idea that if we work together, we can make a difference and demand more respect from the social media platforms. We also believe that innovation is key to success, and we want to do things in ways no one else has thought of doing before.

We are not afraid of change. We are not afraid of giving it our all. We are not afraid of succeeding together. Our first mission is to make sure that the SG community members will find fair engagement opportunities in the social media platforms.

Are you ready to make our mission happen?

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MJ @ Secret Group