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SG is a special page where you can watch exclusively private videos.

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7 thoughts on “Secret Group

  1. Hello Influencer,

    We work hard, brainstorm, write content, record, edit and upload the content to the social media platforms. After that we are shocked as it has not gained any reach. It’s unfair, frustrating and disloyal behaviour from the social media platforms.

    Are you ready to help us to fix that problem?

    Join SG community today!

    MJ @ Secret Group

  2. The SG community is made of people who are passionate about the future of our planet.

    We believe that technology and influencer marketing individuals should use their influence to solve real life problems.

    If you agree, than you should follow Secret Group community today!

    MJ @ Secret Group

  3. Hello SG Community.

    I’ve been living in Berlin for nearly 4 years.

    I’m looking for friends who are interested in creating casual content for Tiktok in Berlin with me.

    Are you up for it?

    Bye for now.


  4. Influencers are leaders with genuine vision for innovation.

    There are few natural influencers in the world, even their human presence in a particular country can effect the dynamics in which people in that country vote, buy things and interact with each other.

    These rarities are the real life human influencers in the world, individuals whom can shift the influential energy withing environments. That energy is astronomical yet revolutionary if channelled correctly.

    The beauty in that transformation process is that it takes place organically and naturally because these influencers unconsciously positively influence individuals in their surroundings.

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