What We Stand For

Hello, my name is MJ and I’m the founder of the Secret Group.

I created the Secret Group because I analysed that almost all social media platforms are favouring paid content. In other words, the wealthy and famous people or corporations have all the reach living influencers like us with no room to shine.

We will create an influencer revolution so we can find organic reach for our social media platforms. It’s hard to earn a living and compete against the rich and famous people, but we will find solutions so every single member of the Secret Group community can organically improve and gain more engagement on their social media platforms. We are here is to support and help each other to grow.

Secret Group is looking for smart thinking and loyal influencers from all around the world who are willing to support each and truly contribute to their social growth.

Are you frustrated with your social media content results? Do you think that the algorithm is creating rules which are unfair? If you answered yes than Secret Group is the right website for you.

Let’s find strategies to outsmart the algorithm!